Thursday, 7 January 2016

Assalamualaikum 2016

It's been 7 days since we entered New Year 2016...What's the new target this year? What about last year's target? Alhamdulillah despite the ups and down in year 2015, for me, it was the sweetest year of my life. Lot of good and bad things happened and it just making me a better person In Shaa Allah.
Anyway, I stopped blogging few years back but in 2016, I feel like i'm into it again. I actually want to start blogging on 1st Jan but then my hubz was here which I haven't met for 2 months, why? I'll tell you in a bit, so I started today becuz my hubz already went back to KL yesterday.

So what happened in 2015? Oh so many! But how can I write everything in just 1 page..I want to start 2016 with positive vibes so I'll just share my happiest moment in 2015. Started with the launching of my clothing label ATTITUDE, I always wanted to have my own product with my own label. It was hard at the beginning but I made it. 

In March 2015, I got married Alhamdulillah. with someone that I never thougth I will sayang gila2. When i first know him, i was so annoyed and i hated him (for no reason) really, i don't know why. But Allah's will, HE opened and softened my heart and on 20 March 2015, we became Husband & Wife officially. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.

After that we simply live our life as a happy couple. Honeymoon??? Oh.. Hubby was so busy with his work and i always left alone at home. i still remember two weeks before Puasa, My super mom had to come all the way from Labuan to accompany me at home becuz hubby had to leave me for work for 1 week. Sabar ajelah..but hubby promise after project finish, he will bring me hanimun. So on third Raya, 20/07/2015 we flew to Gold Coast Australia yeahooooooo!!!

After that, nothing much happened. I worked on my new project ALANNA SIGNATURE which i'm selling jubah and shawl of my own design. Until 13/10/2015, something happened and it changes my life. This is what I really want to write and share the most! I was late for my red flag but not that late. I was 4 days late. It happened sometimes but this time I feel a little bit different. I had abdominal cramps, I was not feeling comfortable with my body especially my B, and i had insomnia. So i thought, am i pregnant? 13/10/2015 11.40am, I decided to use my pregnancy test kit I bought from Guardian. I checked and waited a few secs. I almost got dissapointed when only 1 line appeared but after a few minutes the test started to show a very fade line and it becomes clearer. My hand was shaking and i felt so weak. I just can't believe with what i just saw. I was not sure actually, is it really 2 lines or it's just my eyes. So I shouted for hubby like " yaaaaangggggggg, sini kejappppppp" and hubby was like "napeeeeeee..." but no sign of him coming and i was " syg cepaat..naik atas kejap..cepat laaaa" with my emergency tone and he came lari2 anak. My eyes started to feel hot and i showed him the pregnancy test with my shaking hand, i said " B betul ke apa yang i nampak ni" Hubby confirmed it was 2 lines and I burst in tears and I hug him and I cried. Hubby still look cool like he always but I knew he actually still shocked. Oh Allah, it was another happiest moment in my life. 

But the happy moment did not last. After a few days, i started to feel very sick, and after that is the beginning of my nightmares. I never thought that morning sickness can make you very very very sick. Vomit all day. I was admitted to hospital 5 times. First at KPJ Klang, second at DEMC, third at Serdang Hosp, 4th and 5th at Labuan Hosp. From week 5 to 12. It was the most horrible experience I ever had. My mom had to bring me back to Labuan so she can took care of me. I had to leave my hubby. Sad but I was more to " I'm soooo sick" I almost give up. But Mom and hubby always advice me to be strong. 26/12/2015 - 06/01/2015 my love came to visit me. This time I still feel nausea and still vomit at least once a day but Alhamdulillah I feel a little bit better. I spent 10 days with my hubby. Lepas la rindu...and yesterday he had to go back to KL continue his work. I really want to go back and follow him but he insist i must stay here for few more weeks and make sure that I'm healthy and fit because right now my moms is doing everything for me. I'm still weak. Today, my baby is 16 weeks and 6 days, In Shaa Allah soon my morning sickness will stop I can really enjoy my pregnancy.

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